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Social responsibility -

Concern for the environment

Public information in accordance with Law 59/ 2016






1.    Name of the activity holder and the address of the establishment:


1.1.    Operator name or brand name: S.C. EXPUR S.A.

1.2.    Full address of the establishment:

  • Slobozia, No. 3 soseaua Amara, Ialomita county, postal code 920049, 

  • Geographical coordinates: longitude (East) 27º 20' 25.85", latitude (North) 44º 34' 33.42"

  • telephone 0243213506, fax 0243231308


2.    Confirmation of the fact that the establishment falls under the incidence of the regulations and/or the management directives for implementing Law 59/2016 and that the Notification provisioned on art. 7 and the Policy for Preventing Major Accidents provisioned on art. 8 paragraph (1) or the Security Report provisioned on art. 10 paragraph (1) have been forwarded to the competent authorities. 



As a result of the communication received from the Risk Secretary of the Ialomita Environmental Protection Agency, S.C. EXPUR S.A. is an inferior establishment, as a consequence of the presence of dangerous substances on the establishment premises in quantities larger than the relevant ones, in accordance with the provisions of Law no.59/2016.


In accordance with the legal provisions, the following documents have been drafted/updated and forwarded to the Risk Secretary of the Ialomita Environmental Protection Agency, respectively the Ialomita County “BARBU CATARGIU” Inspectorate for Emergency Situations:

  • Activity notice no. 4400/ April 29, 2020, drafted in accordance with Ordinance 1175/ 2019 on the order of the approval of the Procedure for giving notification on the activities which pose danger of producing major accidents in which hazardous substances are involved, was sent to SRAPM Ialomita, ISU Ialomita and GNM Ialomita;

  • Policy no. 14352/ December 6, 2018, on the Prevention of Major accidents in which hazardous substances are involved, registered at SRAPM under no. 2270/ March 18, 2019;


3.    Explanation, in simple terms, of the activity or activities carried out within the establishment



The main field of activity of S.C. EXPUR S.A. is represented by the Manufacture of raw vegetal oils and/or refined from oleaginous raw materials (sun-flower seeds, rape seeds, etc.) – NACE code 1041


For obtaining oleaginous seed oils, the following raw materials are used:

- sun-flower and rape seeds, soy seeds, etc.;

- raw sun-flower, rapeseed, soy oils;

- refined sun-flower oils, sun-flower with high content of oleic acid etc.

Secondary activity: Manufacture of biodiesel – NACE code 2059

The following raw materials are used for obtaining biodiesel:

- refined/non-refined vegetable rapeseed, sun-flower, soy, palm tree oils etc., to which variable proportions of used cooking oil can be added

- methyl alcohol.

EXPUR is classified as SEVESO objective because it uses dangerous substances in its activity of treating raw water, in the activity of manufacturing the raw extraction oil and in the activity of obtaining biodiesel.


4.    The common names, or, in the case of hazardous substances comprised in part 1 of Law 59/2016, the generic names or general hazard category of substances and mixes involved coming from the establishment which might lead to the production of a major accident, by indicating the main perilous characteristics.




Used substances

State of matter

Hazard phrases/ Hazard category




H270 May cause a fire, or worsen a fire; oxidant

H315 Causes skin irritations

H319 Causes serious irritation of the eyes

H331 Toxic in case of inhalation

H335 May cause the irritation of the airways

H400 Extremely toxic for the aquatic environment




H225 Highly flammable liquid and vapors

H304 May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways

H315 Causes skin irritation

H336 May cause somnolence or dizziness

H361 Susceptible for damaging fertility or the fetus

H373 May cause organ damage in case of prolonged or repeated exposure

H411 Toxic for the aquatic environment with long-term effects




H225 Highly flammable liquid and vapors

H301 Toxic in case of swallowing

H311 Toxic in contact with skin

H331 Toxic in case of inhalation

H370 Causes damage to organs


Sodium methylate


H226 Flammable liquid and vapors

H290 May be corrosive to metals

H301 Toxic in case of swallowing

H311 Toxic in contact with skin 

H314 Causes serious skin burns and eye damage 

H318 Causes eye damage

H331 Toxic in case of inhalation 

H370 Causes damage to organs


Antifreeze additive


H226 Highly flammable liquid and vapors

H304 May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways

H336 May cause somnolence or dizziness

H351 Susceptible in causing cancer

H411 Toxic for the aquatic environment with long-term effects



5.    General information on the ways of warning the interested public, if necessary: adequate information on the proper behavior in case of a major accident or indicating the place where the respective information can be accessed electronically.



In the case of emergency situations, the Emergency Cell, whose President is the Plant Manager, is established.


The regulations on the organization, attributions and functioning of the emergency cell established the attributions and the functioning of the Emergency Cell.

In the event of a major accident (i.e., fire, explosion, toxic dispersion etc.), the establishment is equipped with an electric siren, for public warning. This device can be activated from inside the establishment, by personnel trained for that purpose.

Alarm signals:

  • Air alarm: 15 sounds (impulses of 4 signals each, with a 4 second pause between them);

  • Disaster alarm: 5 sounds (impulses of 16 signals each, with a 10 second pause between them);

  • Air pre-alarm: 3 sounds of 32 seconds each, with a 12 second pause between them;

  • End of alarm: 1 continuous sound, of the same intensity, with the duration of 2 minutes.


The scheme of the relationship flux for the management of the emergency situations established through the Emergency Cell Regulations, establishes the way in which the competent authorities are notified, authorities responsible for applying Law 59/2016: the Ialomita Emergency Situations Inspectorate, the Ialomita Environmental Protection Agency, the Ialomita county Commissary of the National Environmental Guard, public institutions with attributions established in the external emergency plan and the neighboring economic operators.



In order to avoid accidents/intoxication, people from the risk area must follow the indications below:


a)    In case of major emissions (toxic dispersions):

  • Step away from the accident site; 

  • Do not stay outside, in order to avoid inhaling the toxic substance; 

  • Take cover immediately inside a building; 

  • Close the doors and windows immediately;

  • Help the children, disabled people and the elderly, if the situation asks for it; 

  • Unplug the air-conditioning machines or the fans from the building you are in, turn them off if you are in your car; 

  • Keep a moist handkerchief on your nose and mouth; 

  • In case of health issues emerging after it, seek medical advice.


b)    In case of fire or explosions: 


  • Step away from the accident site; 

  • Do not stay in the direction of the air currents that carry the fire agents. If necessary, protect your airways by holding a wet handkerchief over your nose and mouth and immediately leave the area; 

  • Leave the building you are in if it is affected by the incident. In case it is possible to remain in the establishment, unplug the air-conditioning systems or fans from the space you are in;

  • Help the children, disabled people and the elderly, if necessary.


6.    Date of the last visit on the establishment, in accordance with art.20 para (5), from Law 59/2016 or the indication of the place where the information can be accessed electronically; information on the location where, upon request, more detailed information can be obtained about the inspection and the inspection plan under the reserve of the provisions of art.22 of Law 59/2016 (confidentiality requirements established in accordance with the law).


On October 10, 2019, a team formed by representatives of the Ialomita Inspectorate for Emergency situations, the National Environmental Guard – Ialomita county Commissary and the Ialomita Agency for the Protection of the Environment – Risk Secretary, have performed a planned SEVESO inspection at EXPUR S.A., with its head office in Slobozia, No. 3 Sos. Amara, Ialomita county.

The inspection pursued:

1)    Verifying that Law 59/ 2016 was respected in regards with the operator’s responsibilities on ensuring the measures for preventing a major accident in which dangerous substances are involved, the maximum storage quantities, as well as the existing quantities of stored hazardous substances in accordance with annex 1 from L 59/ 2016, as well as new specific activities under the law.

2)    Obligations of the economic operators provisioned on art. 5 of L 59/ 2016;

3)    Verification of drafting the procedure for notifying an activity which represents a danger of major accidents in which hazardous substances are involved in accordance with annexes no. 1 and no. 1.1. of O.M.A.P.A.M. no. 1084/2003;

4)    Verification of drafting the procedure for notifying a major accident in accordance with annexes no. 2 and no. 2.1. of O.M.A.P.A.M. no. 1084/2003;

5)    Verification of data on stored hazardous substances (source of risk): name of the used substances / maximum storage quantity / existing quantity on the unit/ storage areas / mode of operation;

6)    Verification of the security management system and of the technological system, in accordance with the Verification Questionnaire drafted in the basis of O.M.M.G.A. no. 1299/2005, chapter. V 2.1 and V 2.2.;

    The control consisted of the site verification, verification of documents, reports and other records for the installations. During on-site check-ups undertaken by the control team, it was noticed that the way the installations are organized and operated at installation level do not pose any danger to the equipment, from a security or the protection of the environment point of view.

    The inspection did not reveal any non-conformities.


7.    Details on the sources for more relevant information, under the provisions of art.22 of Law 59/2016


More detailed information, under the provisions of art. 22 of Law no.59/2016, can be obtained, on demand, at the head office of the company S.C. EXPUR S.A., situated on no. 3 Sos. Amara, Slobozia, Ialomita county, tel. 0243.213.506, fax. 0243.231.308.

Contact person: 

  • Oprescu Madi, Safety Manager - Tel: 0243213506, int 271

  • Istrate Petre, Private Service Chief for Emergency Situations – Tel: 0243213506, int 217

  • Mihaila Catalina, Civil Protection Inspector and FPE Technical framework - Tel: 0243213506, int 270

and at the headquarters of: SRAPM: tel 0243232971, email: office@apmil.anpm.ro

CJ-GNM: tel 0243236446, e-mail: cjialomita@gnm.ro

ISUJ: tel 0243232396, e-mail: dispecerat@isujialomita.eu