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EXPUR - a top company in oil seed processing market

EXPUR is one of the largest oil processing companies in Romania.
The company processes sunflower seeds and rapeseed, producing crude oil, refined oil and protein grits. These oils are marketed both on the domestic and foreign markets, and the protein grits are sold, to a large extent, to individuals and animal feed producers in Romania.
From the moment of its acquisition by the Alimenta Group from the Government of Romania, EXPUR started an expansion program aimed at technological modernisation, compliance with environmental regulations, as well as expanding the processing and development capacity of its storage units.
In order to expand the production chain, while increasing the value of its products, EXPUR built in 2008 a plant to produce biodiesel, with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes. The raw material for this is rapeseed oil produced internally, and the production is mainly sold on the local market.

The management team

Pascal Pinson


Loredana Ianculescu

Financial Manager

Bogdan Negulescu

Plant Manager

Andrei Solomon

Commercial Manager

Nikolay Belchev

Marketing and Sales Manager

Anca Constantinescu

Logistics Manager

Cristina Genescu

HR Manager

Răzvan Dogărelu

Development Manager

EXPUR - a brand you can trust

Over the years, EXPUR has obtained significant advantages that would help it become one of the Romanian leaders in the field of oil supply. These advantages include:
Strategic location of all processing/storage facilities
The factory and network of silos are spread throughout the south-eastern region of Romania, in the fertile basin of the Danube River, which ensures rapid access to Bucharest and the Black Sea.
Quick access to raw materials
For better access to seeds from the local market, EXPUR has invested in silos located close to its factory and in the main agricultural areas of Romania.
High production capacity and storage units
EXPUR benefits from modern technological equipment. Thanks to the investments implemented, they are also environmentally friendly and in line with European regulations.

A completely integrated business, starting from the supply of raw materials, to the distribution channels for the finished products
EXPUR is completely independent and provides 100% of the crude oil raw material for its plants.
Significant sales through key accounts (both under its own brand and under private oil brands)
Collaboration with international hypermarket chains, along with the expansion among the domestic chain stores, ensures a constant increase of sales.
A team with extended experience in the field
Present on the Romanian market since 1997, EXPUR has employees with over forty years of seniority and a management team that has accumulated knowledge and experience over the years to activate in the oil industry.


RESPECT - n., esteem, consideration or appreciation for colleagues, customers, suppliers
BOLDNESS - n., bravery, courage to be enterprising and open to innovative methods
PERFORMANCE - n., great achievement through continuous improvement