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Cookies policy

 Cookies policy



Company EXPUR SA


Registered office: sos. Amara no.3, Slobozia

VAT number: RO2091480

Phone number: 0214116133

Email: office@expur.ro  


The site www.expur.ro in the ownership of Company Expur S.A., registered office in Sos. Amara no.3, Slobozia, Ialomita County, VAT registration number in the Register of Companies RO 20191480 and Company identification number J21/261/1991 reserves the right to use device identifiers or cookie modules when you visit our website or applications using our services.  

They are used for the purpose of identifying and differentiating the users accessing our web page. Their role is to monitor the site’s using experience, aiming at quality improvement.



The cookies are small size files located on the devices you use when accessing web pages. Own cookies come from the settings of the domains visited at that time and the third-party cookies come from other domains which represent the services used by the visited domain.  


The cookies are unique but this does not mean that the statistics conducted with regard to the site usage are related to individual persons. Nevertheless, although they do not retain personal data such as name or data entered in forms by the www.expur.ro site users, their differentiation is made by means of an unique ID which becomes, thus, a personal data.



The cookies may be used for various purposes such the proper operation of the visited web page, collection of relevant information relating to the users’ experience on the site or to offer users the possibility of using third-party services such as social networks.



www.expur.ro may use strictly necessary cookies, automatically active and which are not conditioned by the users’ consent. This category covers cookie modules which have the capacity to retain the action of the users’ connection to the site and those playing the role of ensuring proper operation of the web page. 



www.expur.ro may use analytical cookies for the purpose of gathering information on how users interact with our website. Such collected data help us retain, analyze and improve various factors, important for the navigation experience of our website users.


These cookies allow us to monitor the popularity of our website pages, the efficiency of the connection methods to them and eventual error messages which might be sent to the users when accessing the web pages. With the help of these cookies, www.expur.ro offers its visitors a qualitative site use experience. 



www.expur.ro may also use plug-ins of the social networks such as Facebook, which places social media cookies, allowing content rendering and usage of third serviced made available by them. 

They may be used also for the purpose of offering our users the possibility to like or distribute pages, preferred services and products, by means of their favorite networking service.



Various cookies may be used by www.expur.ro also for advertising purposes which the online industry is currently based on. Customization of online advertising represents a form of own financing for any company offering services and products, as this process helps identifying the audience categories relevant to the range of products and services made available to the customers. 

This process may be carried out by the selection of specific categories of users to which various ads are displayed and by other means, depending on the goal to be reached. No personal data are processed but the visitors’ profile thus created is based on data collected by these advertising-targeted profiling cookies.  



www.expur.ro uses both own cookies and third-party cookies in order to offer a qualitative site navigation experience and to make available services tailored to your interest and needs as visitors of our web page. The cookies used by our site are intended to ensure proper operation and gather important statistical data relating to the site traffic.