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Out with the old, in with the innovations


New times, new preferences. As we’ve always been very responsive to change, we are proud to announce the introduction of a novelty on the Romanian edible oil market – BUNICA Vitamin D 1.8 L and 3 L variants. The new additions actually replace the old 2 L and 5 L products and come with an innovative approach in terms of packaging, size, label – a very unique look and design but still tributary to BUNICA brand identity.   The new products in our portfolio recently introduced and tested by consumers come in uncommon sizes for the local market. They will be functional and easy to be handled through their distinct grips and therefore appreciated both for the quantity and practicality. Also, the design is aligned to the different sizes and in terms of packaging - special type of bottles has been created and together with the embossed logo are like no other in the market. The very new BUNICA distinguishable style is an asset in a crowded market that has turned massively to diversity.

Superbrands Untdelemn de la Bunica


We are extremely proud of having been once again recognized with our brand UNTDELEMN DE LA BUNICA as “MOST TRUSTED BRAND”, this time within SUPERBRANDS Gala.   SUPERBRANDS status means QUALITY, RELIABILITY, DISTINCTION and only the invitation to be present in the yearly publication is a huge success being opened only for the most outstanding brands in the field. Attaining this status strengthens the brand’s position, adds prestige and reassures consumers and suppliers that they are buying the best brand in its category. SUPERBRANDS operates in more than 85 countries and has been for more than 25 years the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding, paying tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in the world.   UNTDELEMN DE LA BUNICA is a LOVE BRAND in the Romanian FMCG market. It has been for years the number 1 Romanian edible oil brand in terms of choice, awareness, recognition and sales. After 20 years in the market, it is an anchor in every Romanian’s heart, with a name and story listened to and heard by every Romanian. It is the perfect example of what innovation and premieres at all levels can build, starting from the quality innovation to the first national distribution, packaging premiere, one of a kind promotion strategy, product range and last, but not least, a unique name and promise. For 8 consecutive years, UNTDELEMN DE LA BUNICA has been also awarded “MOST TRUSTED BRAND” by Readers’ Digest.   It is an honor and a continuous responsibility for us to keep the consumers’ confidence in their brand of choice.  



Sustainability For us, sustainable development does not mean a simple current concept, but targeted efforts, based on investments of €2-3 million per year, some examples being the lecithin production facility, the construction of the warehouse in Urziceni Silos, the fire detection system, new equipment for the Refinery and Biodiesel plant, the modernisation of the grit loading system in vehicles and railway cars, the modernization of the filtration system at the Press hall. NEW ELECTROSTATIC FILTER FOR THE THERMAL POWER PLANT We recently took a new step to protect the environment, by starting a project that consists of building an electrostatic filter that is mounted at the technical plant, in order to halve the legal emission limit. The work involved both the construction of infrastructure based on a reinforced concrete mat and the purchase of a high-quality filter, the supplier being one of the largest manufacturers of filter equipment and systems for environmental protection in Europe, SCHEUCH. The installation was designed to purify 80,000 m3/h of humid flue gas (simultaneously for 4 boilers in operation), while respecting the suggested parameters.   BRICKS In the same line of sustainable initiatives, we have introduced a new product category – BRICKS – the simplest solution to obtain energy at low costs. Made of 100% sunflower shell, bricks are part of the range of renewable fuels, with CO2 neutral emissions, being obtained by high-pressure pressing. These are a much more efficient alternative to wood, being easy to use, obtaining the same heat at lower costs. The combustion period is increased compared to wood, coal or coke, do not emit odour or sparks, and storage space is small. The products can be used in any plant that uses solid fuel – terracotta stoves, boilers and wood-fired boilers. The bricks do not contain dyes, additives or chemicals, being a 100%...

Expur Capital Filles


For the first time, in 2018, the World Bank dedicated all its The World Development Report to education, at an extremely well-chosen time. We are living in times of rapid growth, society is in a profound transformation, so education is vital, more than ever.   We have chosen, for many years now, to support the local community, through actions in many directions, believing that the good done must go towards the education and the support of children. Our financial support and involvement go to the Orphanage in Slobozia, Mihai Viteazul High School, for the participation of the French-speaking theatre troupe in various international competitions, and to the Capital Filles Association, which, in collaboration with the French Embassy, the Ministry of Education and Research, the French Institute and multiple companies with French shareholding, supports high school female students from a modest family environment, in their future professional orientation.   The Capital Filles mentoring program, in which our female employees are voluntarily involved, started in 2014, when this public-private initiative entered Romania, signing a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Education. Through us, the program was expanded throughout Ialomița County in 2016, bringing with us other partner companies. Ialomița County is the third region in Romania benefiting from this program, after Bucharest and Timișoara, with 3 high schools that benefit – Cuza-Slobozia Technological High School, Căzănești Technological High School and Fetești Technological High School. These institutions are selected by the School Inspectorates, according to the criteria of the association – the students have a modest social and economic condition and are enrolled in peripheral or rural high schools.   This year, we have a team of 9 mentor ladies involved in the program, guiding (together with other mentors from...



Occupational safety is the number one priority for the company, and our long-term goal is to have zero accidents.  Safety Day took place this year on 21st of June and focused on equipment safety. The agenda of the event included workshops concerning safety at work or behind the wheel, evacuation drills, practical drills for completing the LoTo forms and launching the contest “Risk Alerts”, as well as actions regarding the treatment plant - cleaning, painting, whitewashing - or the peeling plant (housekeeping). Pascal Pinson, EXPUR CEO, has launched 5 workshops aimed at improving awareness of accident risks within EXPUR. 450 employees will be involved in these projects. The day started with a fire escape drill, based on a fire scenario (with the release of smoke and toxic gases) in the reagent warehouse on the ground floor of the Administrative Pavilion. 54 people were evacuated in just over 4 minutes, the fire being located and extinguished by the Private Emergency Service.  This was followed by practical drills for completing the LoTo forms, in each hall, the area manager also carrying out with the workers the manoeuvres for securing the equipment. 100 people were involved. The “Risk Alerts” contest was launched – monthly team will be designated each month, the one that finds and solves the most Risk Alerts. Regarding Housekeeping, the girls team, consisting of 20 people from top management, human resources, security, procurement, logistics, painted and whitewashed the exterior...



                                                      LESSONS FROM GENERATION Z *ABOUT EDUCATION AND TRAINING FOR LIFE* We need more positivity in our lives. We believe in the simple principle that if we do good, this will return to us amplified. And when this has implications in the community, we are part of and puts its mark on the education of our children, what we get back is a hundred times more valuable.  The DNA of our company requires us to reward RESPECT, PERFORMANCE and BOLDNESS, and these values were found in the 7 students of the 10th, 11th and 12th grades in the theatre troupe of Mihai Viteazul High School in Slobozia, who perform plays in French, in different parts of the world. We have chosen to invest them with confidence, to support them to form and express themselves. Their most recent project, which we gladly supported, was staged in Morocco, in an exchange of experience with several international troupes. “Les Francforts” were appreciated for the quality of their acting, the ingenuity of costumes and their great French skills. For the children, only the fact that they arrived in such an interesting country, seemed “magic”. It was an opportunity to weld as a team, to...