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We need more positivity in our lives.

We believe in the simple principle that if we do good, this will return to us amplified. And when this has implications in the community, we are part of and puts its mark on the education of our children, what we get back is a hundred times more valuable. 

The DNA of our company requires us to reward RESPECT, PERFORMANCE and BOLDNESS, and these values were found in the 7 students of the 10th, 11th and 12th grades in the theatre troupe of Mihai Viteazul High School in Slobozia, who perform plays in French, in different parts of the world. We have chosen to invest them with confidence, to support them to form and express themselves.

Their most recent project, which we gladly supported, was staged in Morocco, in an exchange of experience with several international troupes. “Les Francforts” were appreciated for the quality of their acting, the ingenuity of costumes and their great French skills. For the children, only the fact that they arrived in such an interesting country, seemed “magic”. It was an opportunity to weld as a team, to encounter a rich culture and history, and the plurality of languages spoken was well received. 

For us, it was an opportunity to direct the children to our colleagues from Lesieur Cristal, a sister company of the Avril Group, who welcomed them warmly. But, first of all, it was a new step in the training of children not only for school, but for life, from being exposed to the experience of expressing themselves in public at an international event, overcoming their fears and transforming emotions into something positive, speaking perfectly in front of natives, to a whole evolution in the field of personal development. 

What have we learned from these wonderful teenagers who, besides school, choose to be a different example, trying to become, through pursuits and passions, which many consider old-fashioned (French and theatre), their best version?

Here are some life ideas that can be followed by our team:

  • We owe it to ourselves to become our best version, and this happens by exiting the vegetative state.  What all those who want to motivate us say – stay out of the comfort zone, because that is the only way we can evolve.
  • Our high school students chose theatre. It is an extraordinary example for anyone that these children, who face many challenges – are on the verge of exams, are shy, have no entertainment options, are at the beginning of the road in the pursuit of their desires and aspirations, have numerous temptations – find a pure way to express themselves.
  • We do not always have to choose the easiest path, but the one that allows us to see our transformation. Strong people thus choose, to fight, to try things, apparently impossible. We have a project whose results are seen over 6 months, but will they make the difference, compared to another one with results, but only momentarily? Let’s choose to build step by step, more difficult, if possible, but with great results. “Rome was not built in a day.”
  • The teenagers from Mihai Viteazu from Slobozia could have played on a tablet. But they chose to literally speak a difficult language, to express themselves wholeheartedly in front of strangers, to travel for hours, to overcome their fears, etc.
  • In a team, things are going better. Feelings and emotions are transmitted and shared.
  • Our students believe that “it’s all about people and that if you meet or work with people you learn from, you are definitely richer.” We must maximize the qualities of those around us, to understand what each one brings better and thus, joint efforts will bring results.
  • If what we do is supported by passion, we are the happiest people on Earth.
  • Everything is solved by communication. In a difficult moment, when we want to give up, a discussion with a person who coordinates or can help us in deciding is a blessing. 

Totally different from the labels we attach to Generation Z, Millennials, isn’t it?

The theatre troupe “Le Francforts” in French from Mihai Viteazul High School in Slobozia consists of: Marinela Constantin, Alin-Stefan Pahontu, Petru-Liviu_pavel Musat, Andreea Roxana Romaniuc, Arthur – Cristian Maurer, Violeta Vizireanu Ana-Maria Diamandopol, coordinated by Ms Elena Mocanu, French teacher, the initiator of the first theatre festival in the county in 2002.