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Out with the old, in with the innovations

New times, new preferences. As we’ve always been very responsive to change, we are proud to announce the introduction of a novelty on the Romanian edible oil market – BUNICA Vitamin D 1.8 L and 3 L variants. The new additions actually replace the old 2 L and 5 L products and come with an innovative approach in terms of packaging, size, label – a very unique look and design but still tributary to BUNICA brand identity.


The new products in our portfolio recently introduced and tested by consumers come in uncommon sizes for the local market. They will be functional and easy to be handled through their distinct grips and therefore appreciated both for the quantity and practicality. Also, the design is aligned to the different sizes and in terms of packaging - special type of bottles has been created and together with the embossed logo are like no other in the market. The very new BUNICA distinguishable style is an asset in a crowded market that has turned massively to diversity.