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Occupational safety is the number one priority for the company, and our long-term goal is to have zero accidents. 

Safety Day took place this year on 21st of June and focused on equipment safety. The agenda of the event included workshops concerning safety at work or behind the wheel, evacuation drills, practical drills for completing the LoTo forms and launching the contest “Risk Alerts”, as well as actions regarding the treatment plant - cleaning, painting, whitewashing - or the peeling plant (housekeeping).

Pascal Pinson, EXPUR CEO, has launched 5 workshops aimed at improving awareness of accident risks within EXPUR. 450 employees will be involved in these projects.
The day started with a fire escape drill, based on a fire scenario (with the release of smoke and toxic gases) in the reagent warehouse on the ground floor of the Administrative Pavilion. 54 people were evacuated in just over 4 minutes, the fire being located and extinguished by the Private Emergency Service. 

This was followed by practical drills for completing the LoTo forms, in each hall, the area manager also carrying out with the workers the manoeuvres for securing the equipment. 100 people were involved. The “Risk Alerts” contest was launched – monthly team will be designated each month, the one that finds and solves the most Risk Alerts.


Regarding Housekeeping, the girls team, consisting of 20 people from top management, human resources, security, procurement, logistics, painted and whitewashed the exterior walls and railings of the treatment plant tanks. And the boys’ team, made up of 15 people from the top management, procurement, industrial, maintenance, cleaned and organized the Peeling warehouse.

The team of the Logistics and Contracts Department participated in the drills on the agenda of the event, making, in addition, a film about good driving practices, a factory safety visit, discussing with the drivers about good driving practices and EXPUR rules, and organizing a safety wall in the department.