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For us, sustainable development does not mean a simple current concept, but targeted efforts, based on investments of €2-3 million per year, some examples being the lecithin production facility, the construction of the warehouse in Urziceni Silos, the fire detection system, new equipment for the Refinery and Biodiesel plant, the modernisation of the grit loading system in vehicles and railway cars, the modernization of the filtration system at the Press hall.


We recently took a new step to protect the environment, by starting a project that consists of building an electrostatic filter that is mounted at the technical plant, in order to halve the legal emission limit. The work involved both the construction of infrastructure based on a reinforced concrete mat and the purchase of a high-quality filter, the supplier being one of the largest manufacturers of filter equipment and systems for environmental protection in Europe, SCHEUCH. The installation was designed to purify 80,000 m3/h of humid flue gas (simultaneously for 4 boilers in operation), while respecting the suggested parameters.
In the same line of sustainable initiatives, we have introduced a new product category – BRICKS – the simplest solution to obtain energy at low costs. Made of 100% sunflower shell, bricks are part of the range of renewable fuels, with CO2 neutral emissions, being obtained by high-pressure pressing. These are a much more efficient alternative to wood, being easy to use, obtaining the same heat at lower costs. The combustion period is increased compared to wood, coal or coke, do not emit odour or sparks, and storage space is small. The products can be used in any plant that uses solid fuel – terracotta stoves, boilers and wood-fired boilers. The bricks do not contain dyes, additives or chemicals, being a 100% organic product. We can produce up to 20 tons of bricks daily, using a German plant.