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Helpful for the community

It is embedded in our belief system that the good must return to the chosen people in our community. It is one of the directions in which we invest our thoughts and resources throughout each year. We have opted a long time ago that out community support would focus on children’s education. What more valuable lesson of greatness and life can be shown to future generations than that we are by their side, trust them, support them, and hope that they will teach the same lesson when they grow up?

Our team is involved on many directions in supporting the community, every year. Our financial support and involvement go to the Orphanage in Slobozia, to the Paralympic team of Romania (to participate in the Invictus Games), to the Mihai Viteazul High School in Slobozia (for the participation of the theatre troupe in French at different international competitions), to the Capital Filles Association, which, in collaboration with the French Embassy, supports high school girls who come from a modest family environment in their future professional orientation, through a mentoring program to which EXPUR female employees are voluntarily involved. Through EXPUR, the program was expanded throughout Slobozia in 2017, bringing in new partners such as Petstar and BRD, Ialomița County being the third region in Romania benefiting from this program (after Bucharest and Timisoara), specifically 3 high schools benefiting from it (in Slobozia, Cazanesti and Fetesti).

In the image below, the emotional moment of the visit we made to the children at the orphanage. The children welcomed us with joy, crafted gifts for us, and delighted us with specially prepared dances and songs.

Santa Claus, children’s joy

We believe in the value of the family and the balance it brings to each team member. It is a simple gesture that we make every year to show our children that we value them. And what better way than to bring them the joy of playing with and meeting Santa Claus?

Therefore, the headquarters of the Santa Claus moved to Slobozia in December. In a story setting, waiting for him, over one hundred children of all ages enjoyed the workshops with magical decorations, and the activities of the elves who, this time, looked like princesses and clowns.