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During the extraction process, the oil is removed from the seeds, and the remaining seed, which has a high protein content, is commonly used in the animal feed industry. Depending on the seeds, the protein content of the meals varies between 36% and 46%.
Most ruminants need protein supplements at a certain stage of their growth. Sunflower meals are widely used in cattle feed, while rapeseed meals are used for feeding pigs and birds. The concentration of proteins, acids and fibres justifies the different purpose of these two types of meals.
Rapeseed meals - obtained from rapeseed, is used mainly as feed in cattle. It is recommended for the protein content between 32% and 33% and the amino acid complex that promotes lactation.
Sunflower meals - obtained from sunflower seeds, is used mainly as feed in poultry, pigs, milk cattle due to their high protein content, between 36% and 37%, which substitutes other types of meals with high-protein content. 

The main competitive advantages of EXPUR over other competitors in the market are: 
-          Constant availability of the product and supply throughout the year;
-          High quality through the high-protein content. 
These two advantages have defined a new type of meals on the market: “the good meals from EXPUR”.