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100% sunflower shell bricks
Bricks are the easiest solution to get energy at low costs. Made of 100% sunflower shell, bricks are part of the range of renewable fuels, with CO2 neutral emissions, being obtained by high-pressure pressing.
These are a much more efficient alternative to wood, being easy to use, obtaining the same heat at lower costs. The combustion period is increased compared to wood, coal or coke, do not emit odour or sparks, and storage space is small. They do not contain dyes, additives or chemicals, being a 100% organic product.
The bricks do not require drying, and the humidity is equivalent to the dry wood for more than 2 years. Wood with high humidity has a lower combustion and will not reach high temperatures because most of the energy released by the fire is used to transform the water from a liquid state.
Benefits: Why use bricks and not wood?
No drying is required;
No need for cutting and cracking;
Compact packaging; available in any quantity;
High manoeuvrability. Small storage requirements;
Free of impurities and do not contain dyes or additives;
Multiple uses: stoves, power plants, fireplaces, wood-fired boilers;
The ash resulting from burning can be used as a natural fertilizer.
Package of 8 pieces, weighing 7.2 kg.
Pallet of 104 pieces, weighing 750 kg.