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It all started in 1999.

A group of Romanian entrepreneurs then saw an extraordinary opportunity to create value for both consumers and themselves. “Bunica” was born as an idea, resonating with the needs of those around, as only a true grandmother can do, but also to solve a practical situation.
First, there was margarine production in Craiova. For this, a refinery was built to the highest quality standards. However, the quantity of refined oil obtained was much greater than that required to produce margarine. And so, the idea of bottled oil was born.
The brand followed shortly after that, being the main ingredient without which no product can have life.
“Untdelemn de la Bunica” was born: a brand loaded with character, which escaped the daily practice, having a true name, which conveyed from the beginning what one would find inside the packaging: an ingredient that only grandma knows how to do, how only in her pantry we can discover: “Good, fine oil, which does not cut the mayonnaise, which gives the salad a good taste.”
In 2005, guided by the need for safe frying, with the same results (it is said that the hot oil burns and becomes toxic), “Untdelemn de la Bunica” came with a unique product on the bottled oil market: the new, younger sister of “Bunica”, “Untdelemn de la Bunica pentru prăjit” (oil for frying). Specially designed for frying, the product is the unique and balanced combination of an ordinary sunflower oil and a high-oleic acid sunflower oil. In order to obtain tasty potatoes that absorb as little oil as possible, they must be fried in hot oil, in a generous bath, preferably a kettle or fryer, in portions suitable for immediate crusting. Thus, the potatoes absorb less fat, and in the end, you have a plate of beautifully roast, tender and tasty potatoes. This advice also applies to breaded food or meat.
The older sister “Untdelemn de la Bunica” remained for cooking and salads, and for this reason it was enriched with vitamin D.
In 2015, due to the growing concern for a healthy and less processed/prepared food, and as a complement to the benefits offered by the brand “Untdelemn de la Bunica”, the youngest member of the family appeared, “Untdelemn de la Bunica Omega 3”, a refined rapeseed oil ideal for salads and sauces.

We are close to an end, but the story does not end here because Bunica’s desire is to always offer the best for each of our loved ones.

Untdelemn de la Bunica Vitamina D

Untdelemn de la Bunica pentru prăjit fără mirosuri

Untdelemn de la Bunica Omega 3

Storage conditions:

Store in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight and frost, at temperatures between 15-25 °C.


Shelf life:

12 months from the date of manufacture.